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The Stack of the Metaverse, on-chain data visualizer, projection, Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Arts Center, 2022

The Stack of the Metaverse is a multi-media installation made of a running crypto mining node and real-time visualization of on-chain transaction data. Inspired by Benjamin Bratton’s theory of “The Stack” and Yuk Hui’s philosophy on the “Existence of the Digital Objects”, the digital objects wrapped as NFTs in the Metaverse is deconstructed, exposing the full technology system behind both in the physical exhibition space and in the virtual space. Including the on-chain interactions between the visitors and other crypto artworks in the same exhibition, a realtime vertical slice of the Metaverse is revealed.

《元宇宙的堆棧》是一個由運行中的區塊鏈網絡節點與鏈上實時交易數據可視化呈現的多媒體裝置。受 Benjamin Bratton 的「堆棧」理論以及許煜的「數碼物的存在」哲學啟發,試圖將元宇宙中以 NFT 為表現形式的數碼物進行層層解構,以在展覽的物理空間與數字投影中暴露出背後完整的技術系統。包括觀眾與本次展覽中其它加密藝術作品的鏈上實時互動情況,實時呈現元宇宙的縱向截面。

The Stack of the Metaverse, On-chain data visualizer, live recording, Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Arts Center, 2021