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HyperSerpentine, Video still, London, UK, 2019

Hyper Serpentine is a framework for constructing a long lasting hyperlocal virtual exhibition that uses geo-located mixed reality technologies to recreate the three major exhibitions throughout the history of Britain – the 1851 Great Exhibition, the 1951 Festival of Britain and the 2000 Millennium Experience by remixing the recreated 3D models of the key structures from the three exhibitions with past Serpentine Pavilions and other notable buildings as well as 3D scans of exhibits collected in London.

Furthermore, it will allow the public to upload their own “spatial graffiti” created in Google Tilt Brush and place them along the pathway between Serpentine Gallery and Serpentine Sackler Gallery through Google Poly platform. These spatial graffiti can either be attached to existing physical structures or proposed virtual structures. The site will then become an urban-scale exhibition constantly evolving throughout the imaginations of the public.

HyperSerpentine, Demo video, London, UK, 2019

This virtual exhibition connects the two Serpentine Galleries which themselves represent different time periods in history. The two galleries are now acting as fictional command centres for “space” to guide the virtual floating structures as “spaceships” flying from their original positions in London. Virtual exhibits are poured from the “spaceships” along the Serpentine Bridge to be mixed with the spatial graffiti.

Hyper Serpentine brings the spatiality to a higher dimension that crosses distance, time and space

Cross Time – Virtual exhibits from different periods of time coexist with each other while being constantly remixed and recreated by the public. All the changes are archived to allow viewers to experience different versions of the space.

Cross Distance – Participants can do “spatial graffiti” remotely and place them virtually onsite to be viewed by visitors in the actual location.

Cross Space – The cloud space (Google Poly Server), the physical space between the two Serpentine Galleries and the associated virtual space are hyperlinked with one other.